Mara Ad-Venture Fund

There is a shortage of early-stage capital flowing to youth entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs. On average 4 out of every 10 formal small and medium businesses are owned by women globally, yet only 10% report having access to adequate capital to run and grow their businesses. While youth owned ventures are a significant portion of nascent businesses, 62% of young entrepreneurs perceive that it is difficult to access financing, with most reporting that they rely on family and friends for funding.

This lack of capital hampers the emergence of new businesses and has a detrimental effect on economies.

The Mara Ad-Venture Fund will offer early-stage and growth capital to high potential youth entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs. Capital investments will be complemented by a suite of support services. The Mara Ad-Venture Fund will provide patient equity with business support through the Mara Mentor, Mara Institute, Mara Crowd and Mara Ratings ecosystem. We expect to reach a significant number of entrepreneurs across many markets and seek to prove a new model of early stage business support.

The Mara Ad-Venture Fund is looking to invest in businesses that have strong entrepreneurial management and the potential to grow quickly yielding a significant return on the investment in the medium term. Mara Ad-Venture Fund will focus its investments on companies that:

  • have an innovative service or product, in a high-growth sector leveraging technology
  • represent a scalable and sizeable market opportunity (≥US1BN)
  • demonstrate a high-growth opportunity – beyond the start-up phase/ with evident customer acquisition
  • have a highly skilled team, with a robust business strategy and execution plan

Once we invest in a business, we work will together with management to design a strategy, capital structure and equity incentives that will enable the achievement of significant growth.

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