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Mara Ad-Venture Fund

There is a shortage of early-stage capital flowing to African entrepreneurs. This lack of capital constricts the emergence of new businesses and has a detrimental effect on national economies in Africa. Although most entrepreneurs have a strong desire to “bootstrap their start-­ups”, many do not have “pioneer capital” or support services they need to start and grow viable enterprises.

The Mara Ad-Venture Fund will offer early-stage startup and growth capital to high potential African entrepreneurs. The funding will be complemented by a suite of optional support services. The Mara Ad-Venture Fund will serve up to 1,000 entrepreneurs in five countries within five years and seek to prove a new model of early stage business support.

The Mara Ad-Venture Fund is looking to invest in businesses that have strong entrepreneurial management and the potential to grow quickly to a significant size, yielding a significant return on the investment in the medium term. Mara Ad-Venture Fund will invest in projects that:

  • are commercially viable
  • have Identifiable market
  • have strong management
  • have sustainable competitive advantage

Once we invest in a business, we work together with management to design a strategy, capital structure and equity incentives that will enable the achievement of mutually agreed performance objectives.

Mara Ad-Venture Fund is currently planning a roll-out in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be up to date with our activities!

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